Strategic Objectives

Zenco Constructions aims to complete all projects undertaken in a safe and efficient manner, on time and within budget.  The integration of safety, quality and construction best practice into every project is required to achieve this aim.

Zenco Constructions philosophy is that safety is a responsibility of every employee.  It is an integral part of every task on every project – an unsafe job, attitudes or practices are totally unacceptable.

Zenco Constructions will strive, through a process of continuous review and improvement, to achieve the following performance objectives:

  • zero fatalities
  • zero lost time injuries or work related injuries
  • zero medical treatment injuries or work related injuries
  • zero incidents with the potential to cause fatality, or lost time or treatable injuries
  • to fully comply with all relevant legislation and standards at all time
  • to infuse safety consciousness and awareness into employee culture through competent and safe supervision, on the job training practices and Toolbox Talk/Safety Meetings
  • to identify hazards in the workplace and reduce the risk to an acceptable level prior to any person being injured or becoming ill
  • to fully investigate all significant accidents and incidents
  • to meet client, government and community environmental expectations

All incidents affecting these objectives will be treated as a failure in the OH&S Management System.  Management will:

  • take action to identify and assess deficiencies in the system
  • will apply appropriate remedial measures to prevent a re-occurrence

"No job is too small, too large or too complex, we strive to provide a consistent, high quality service to all customers!"

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