Safety Policy

This Policy is the minimum standard for all operations performed by Zenco Constructions.  Zenco Constructions is committed to providing safe and healthy work places for all persons.

Management has implemented this policy and gives Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare top priority in all company plans, operating procedures, training programs and job instructions.  Zenco Construction employees must comply with the Policies and Procedures of any workplace they work.

All persons on Zenco Construction work sites, including sub contractors and the employees of joint ventures have an individual and shared obligation.  The Company will approach hazard management by the following hierarchy:

Step 1. Elimination or substitution

Step 2. Engineering controls to isolate or reduce the risk

Step 3. Implementing administrative controls

Step 4. Use of Personal Protective Equipment as the last resort

In conjunction with this policy, an Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management Plan (OH&S Plan) will be issued setting a minimum standard and detailing rules, procedures, programs and policy statements on specific matters.  Where a Construction site, Mine Operation or Contracting Project is required to issue a Site Specific Plan, then that site OH&S Plan will conform, at the minimum to the Zenco Constructions OH&S Plan.

All persons who perform work on behalf of Zenco Constructions are obliged to:

  • Integrate health, safety and welfare into the workplace
  • Encourage communications about health, safety and welfare in all aspects of work
  • Plan, develop implement and review a comprehensive health, safety and welfare program
  • Take action to provide and maintain a healthy and safe work place and systems of work for all employees
  • Report, investigate and find solutions to all equipment damage, accidents, incidents, potential and reported hazards

All employees and contractors will share the Obligation to:

  • Work in and encourage others to work in a healthy and safe manner
  • Co-operate with management in the support and promotion health, safety and welfare in the work place
  • Report, and immediately attempt to rectify, unsafe practices and conditions that they become aware of
  • Participate in any safety or damage investigation in which they are involved or are requested to attend

The success of any Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Program relies on everyone participating.  Safety is every employee’s concern and must NOT be avoided or shortcut under any circumstance(s).

Zenco Constructions is committed to attaining and maintaining a true accident and incident free record through accurate and truthful reporting at all work places.

Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare will be a key and integral part of productive efficiency.

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