Health, Safety & Environment

The Director and management of Zenco Constructions recognise the importance of providing all employees with a healthy and safe working environment.

Our aim is to actively promote a standard of excellence in health and safety.

The Company is committed to abide by its obligations and responsibilities under the relevant Workplace Health & Safety legislation in relation to all Construction and Mining activities undertaken.

The commitment to health and safety is a shared responsibility between management, employees and clients with co-operation and assistance between all parties necessary to ensure safety is not compromised during the entire work process.

To achieve and maintain our aims, Zenco Constructions actively encourage:

  • meaningful communication between management, employees and clients to ensure a planed and controlled work environment,
  • employees to be actively involved in reducing risks to themselves and others by identifying and reporting hazards and implementing effective methods of control and the reporting of ALL incidents, accidents and near miss events,
  • employees to actively work with and adopt site Health & Safety Policy and Procedures to ensure compliance with these procedures is maintained at all times,
  • employees to participate in on-going training and multi-skilling to achieve satisfaction in their job and acquire or maintain the skills level to retain the required competency to carry out the task involved,
  • accountability for all actions to ensure a positive attitude and a constant focus towards achieving a safe and successful outcome,
  • awareness of continued changes to legislative requirements and support of research into methods of improving workplace health and safety.

Safety is our responsibility!

"No job is too small, too large or too complex, we strive to provide a consistent, high quality service to all customers!"

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